IHP Information

Designed for:
Students identified Highly Gifted by LAUSD with grades and achievement test scores at or above 97% in both reading and math

Criteria for Acceptance:

  • Strong teacher recommendation indicating suitability for above grade level accelerated studies and independent work
  • Grades and achievement test scores indicating student is working at or above 97% in both reading and math

Special Features:

  • Since 1970, the oldest, continuous program for highly gifted students in LAUSD.
  • Social studies and language arts curriculum augmented with studies in Latin, logic, and creative analysis.
  • Lecture classes available in AP Physics, Geometry, and Algebra 2:  individualized math programming for students working beyond lecture classes.
  • Two IHP teachers share sixth grade core academic classes.
  • Four separate subject IHP teachers teach two year sequential curriculum for the 7th and 8th grades.
  • 6th grade enrichment class: Introduction to Latin and foreign languages.
  • Additional enrichment opportunities may include music, art, technology, and leadership, schedule permitting.


 Click here for more information regarding brochures, applications, tours, and updates for Walter Reed’s Individualized Honors Program.

Friends of Individualized Honors Program (FIHP) - website of the parent group dedicated to supporting the IHP


Daniel Rios, SLC Coordinator

phone: 818-487-7614; email dsr9138@lausd.net

Debbie Vodhanel, SLC Assistant

phone: 818-487-7600 ex. 306; email djv4258@lausd.net